The Essential Oil You Must Have In Your Kitty, Based On Your Sun Sign

Essential oils are not merely cosmetic products, or products that are used for massages in spas. They are widely used in aromatherapy to cure physical and mental issues, and have had therapeutic properties which our ancestors have used for centuries.

You see, these oils  help enhance moods, regulate your basic energies, and soothe away the afflictions disturbing your aura. So, it is imperative to include an essential oil in your routine to help you do that.

How is this related to sun signs, you ask? Well, each sun sign has certain common mental and physical issues, which certain essential oils can help remedy. Read on to find out what those are, which essential oil can cure them, and what else it can do to improve your overall health.

Aries: Lemongrass

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Stimulating yet calming, lemongrass is ideal for the perpetually wound-up Aries. They have a lot of ambition, but they need something to help them clear their head and tone down their nervous system, so that they can channel their energies in a more focused way, which is why this is the perfect oil for them.

Taurus: Eucalyptus

Taurus often suffers from nasal congestion, breathing issues, and even colds and allergies. This is because the nose is one of their most sensitive organs. A strong decongestant oil like eucalyptus, despite its intense, almost offensive scent, is perfect for them. Additionally, it helps alleviate melancholy, which is just what the pessimistic Bull needs.

Gemini: Peppermint

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Peppermint is the ideal pre-exam oil, as it aids concentration, and helps awaken the senses. For the mentally agile Gemini, this is the perfect solution for the frequent mental fatigue they experience. In addition to that, it also helps refresh the system and stimulate their mind more, and help with sinusitis and headaches – both common problems for this sign.

Cancer: Chamomile

Calming chamomile is a must-have for the anxious Crab. This is a sign that suffers from mood swings, bouts of severe blues, sleep issues, and general emotional and mental insecurities. Chamomile oil not only helps with those headaches, but also alleviates insomnia by inducing sleep. Even better, it is also great for curing Cancer’s constant irritability.

Leo: Rosemary

Yes, it is superficial to recommend an oil to enhance your looks, but Leos care about their looks, so who are we to say anything? Leos are famous for their thick, Lion-like manes, and take really good care of it. Rosemary is a famous hair-growth stimulant. Plus, it helps with pain, flatulence, headaches, and certain respiratory issues too!

Virgo: Lavender

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Virgo cannot sleep, let loose, or relax in their natural, wired-up state. Lavender essential oil helps them do just that. The most effective calming and relaxing essential oil, lavender is known for aiding sleep and soothing the system to a calmer state. Also, since Virgos are always complaining of some ache or pain or the other, a pain-relieving oil like lavender is just what they need.

Libra: Rose

Rose oil is a sweet, mood-lifting oil that helps set the mood by enhancing their libido, as it is a great aphrodisiac. For the romantic and pleasure-seeking Libra, having an oil like this helps them stay in their element. It helps soothe inflammation and nervous disorders. Since Libra rules the brain, this is a great oil for their mental and physical health.

Scorpio: Jasmine

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Jasmine helps relieve menstrual pain and regulate cycles, in addition to curing sexual issues. Since the organs Scorpio rules are the reproductive organs, they often experience issues in that area. Using this oil helps relieve cramps and also acts as an aphrodisiac. For many Scorpios, suffering from sexual inhibitions can be a huge blockage in their system, which jasmine oil really helps with.

Sagittarius: Orange

The outdoorsy and enthusiastic Sagittarius is always on the go. That is why the oil for them is orange, an energising, refreshing, and invigorating aromatic that boosts their system. Additionally, it is also an anti-nausea oil, which helps them keep their head on their shoulders during those bungee jumping and dirt-biking expeditions they so love!

Capricorn: Clove

Capricorns are known to have issues with oral health, and Capricorn also rules the bones and teeth. Clove oil is famous for curing issues in that area. Not only that, Capricorns are also known to be big on skincare. Since clove is good for treating skin issues and is a good purifying astringent, it works really well for any acne or blemishes Cappy might want to zap.

Aquarius: Basil

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Aquarius is the sign of brilliant mental activity hampered by eccentricity and confusion. Since basil oil aids in enhancing concentration and memory, the Water Bearer really needs it in their life. In addition to that, this oil also helps Aquarius focus their energy instead of being scatter-brained, and cures their frequent headaches.

Pisces: Vanilla

The gentle Pisces can lose themselves in this cruel and harsh world. A sweet, happy and cosy oil like vanilla helps them reconnect with their true self, as it ensconces them in its warm scent. Calming and mood-enhancing, vanilla helps the Fish forget their worries and pain, and go to sleep feeling happy and comforted.

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